Translate All, Text & Voice Translator APK Download – Tranit (Beta)

Translate All, Text & Voice Translator APK Download – Tranit (Beta)

Translator Description Text translations and audio translators – Trent

Transit is a powerful translation application that helps users translate English into Hindi, English into Hindi, and translate from English to Tamil and all other languages.
It should have any translator who travels, runs a business, and travels with associated translation features such as screen translation, audio translation, web translation and more.

Amazing travel features

★ Voice Interpreter: – Translate audio and audio
The translation app allows users to connect and translate the audio text. Thereafter, it automatically detects the automatic speaker used by the audio device, translates it directly to your specific language, and reads the translation result in text-to-voice mode.
Voice Interpreter supports all audio translations from Hindi to English, from English to Urdu, Hindi Audio Translator to Canada, Indian Voice Translator to Malayalam, Hindi Voice Translator to Malayalam, and more. Languages ​​help you translate languages ​​to speak freely. Breaking down barriers with foreign speakers and languages

Translate All, Text & Voice Translator APK Download – Tranit (Beta)

★ Translator screen / translator poetry flow
In any text you want to translate to any app or website, drag the cursor to the translator and the translation of the logo will appear in seconds. Double-tap the automatic screen to enable the “Translate All” feature and enjoy the psychological translation.

Translate All, Text & Voice Translator – Tranit (Beta)

★ Text Translator / Fraud Interpreter
When you communicate with your friends using various social media apps, Transport allows you to easily connect with foreign language partners and translate speech lights and mailboxes quickly.
Bubble Text Translator: Drag text contents or text paragraphs into an arrow in the bubble.
Keep the inbox translation: Drop and edit inbox text in the previous box, this will be the translation.
Translate clipboard Copy Copy text and click the floating ball to translate.

★ Screen Translator
If you use Facebook or Instagram / WhatsApp / Messenger or have a browser page, the translator will help you translate foreign languages ​​into your target language faster. It’s about switching apps without translation.

★ File Translator
All of this includes dc, dx, OPI, PDF, PPT, PPTX, PS, XLS, XL, PS, RTF, TST etc.

Translation team
Add translation results to your preferences and review them anywhere, anytime

Search language automatically
Transit will easily find the native language and automatically translate texts and words into your language.

More than 100 translations are supported, including:
African, Albanian (Shark), Amharic (2), Arabic (Arabic), Armenian (2), Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan), Bengali (Pashto), Bosnian (Bosnian), Catalan (Catalan), Simplified Chinese (2), Traditional Chinese (中文 中文), Corsica (Course), English, Spain, Estonia (Estonia), Philippines, Finland (Swami), France (France), Freddie (Frisk), Galicia (Galigo), Georgia (2), Germany (Germany) ) Greek (G), Gujarati (English), Haitian Carroll (kryl ayysn), hyuanyz, Hebrew (עברית), Hindi (Urdu), Hungarian (saylynska) Indonesia (Yonda), Irish ( C. Katy), throw That (Italy), Japanese (2), Go, Canada (ಕನ್ನಡ), Kazakh (Қазақ), Khmer (ខ្មែរ), Korean (한국어), Kyrgyzstan (Кыргызча), Latin Latvia (Latvia), Malayalam (1) , Malta (Malta), Marie (Marie), Marathi (Pashto), Nepali First (English), Norway (Norsk), Pashto (Polish), Portuguese, Punjabi (English), Romanian (Romania), Russian (Русский), Spanish (ESAA) Ola, Sudanese (Pasa Suda), Al Sawah Ye (Casa Ahli), Tamil (தமிழ்), Turkish (Turkey) , Ukrainian (Українська), Urdu (Urdu ), Uzbek (Uzbek). Widow, Hardy (Holiday Wing), Son (Simrig), Kosa (yḵswsạ), Prophet Y (יידיש), Zulu

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